Top Supplements for Treating Cystic Acne

Author:  Julia Thompson    

For those who are unlucky enough to suffer from cystic acne, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Not only are these pimples unattractive and unpleasant to deal with, they can be quite painful too. Cystic acne is considered the most severe type of acne and can be a bit traumatizing for its victims. Unfortunately it’s also tough to cure. Normal skin remedies don’t usually cut it when it comes to clearing up cystic acne and since running to the dermatologist for every flare-up isn’t an ideal option, you need something that will actually help and that you can do at home.

One of the easiest and most affordable options is to take cystic acne supplements. By taking a supplement, you’ll be able to address the issue right at the source by getting the healing elements directly into your bloodstream. But don’t buy just any supplement because not all of them are created equally. We’ve curated a list of the top supplements for cystic acne based on product literature and Amazon reviews.

1. Clear Skin Advanced Vitamin *Editor’s Choice

  • Created with vitamins and minerals
  • Individual vitamin packets
  • Heals at the source
  • Minimal side effects
  • Many users experienced no change in skin condition


Overall Review

Clear Skin Advanced Vitamin is a great way to heal cystic acne right at the source. Many people experience acne due to lack of nutrients, which is why this vitamin is so effective. These tablets are chock full of crucial vitamins and minerals to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Most users found that these vitamins take a little longer than the other supplements listed here, with results showing after about 4 weeks. However, once the vitamins took effect, their skin seemed to clear up tremendously.

2. Clear Biotic

  • Visible results within 3-4 weeks
  • Healthier alternative to Accutane
  • Fixes the root of the issue by using probiotics to heal the gut
  • High daily dose increases monthly cost
  • Side effects include rashes, anxiety, and jitters (rare)


Overall Review

The Clear Biotic acne supplement gets to the root of the cause by healing intestinal and gut issues through ingestion of probiotics. It’s been found to work well for both men and women, teens and adults. With 4.2 stars on Amazon and 180+ reviews, most users found this supplement to be effective and quick. Reviewers typically experienced clearer skin within 3-4 weeks, however were not happy with how quickly they went through a bottle (each bottle comes with 60 capsules and requires 4 doses per day). Few users experienced side effects such as rashes, anxiety, and jitteriness, or found that the supplement had no effect on their skin.

3. Acnetame

  • High vitamin A content lowers oil production in skin
  • Price is fairly affordable
  • About 80% success rate for long term users
  • Side effects include dry eyes, hair loss, and severe health issues (rare)
  • Need more than recommended dose to see results (prevalent)


Overall Review

Acnetame’s main ingredient is Vitamin A, which is responsible for lowering oil levels in the skin. Most users found that their skin was significantly less oily when taking these supplements. Although this product has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon with over 3,100 reviews, most reviewers saw visible improvement only when taking more than the recommended dose. Acnetame recommends one pill per day, but two pills is when most users saw results. Because of the high amount of Vitamin A, you should consult with a doctor if you plan to take more than one dosage per day. Side effects experienced by reviewers were dry eyes and hair loss, as well as headaches and kidney problems.

4. Skinphoria

  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Clean Ingredients
  • Noticeable results in less than a week
  • Clears acne, prevents breakouts, and heals acne scars
  • Can cause niacin flush


Overall Review

Skinphoria is a top choice for those suffering from cystic acne. Most users found that their skin started to clear up in less than a week. Many reviewers also mentioned that they experienced other positive changes such as more energy, less anxiety, and better sleep. Most people did experience the side effect of a niacin flush, which causes red, hot, tingly skin sensations. However, the effects weren’t as noticeable if the supplement was taken with food and plenty of water. Some users actually found the feeling to be quite pleasant after several weeks, but for some the sensation was unbearable. If you are able to get past the weird feeling, then Skinphoria is a good bet for you.

5. Clearzine

  • Natural ingredients, Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO
  • Highly rated
  • 90 pills per bottle
  • Breakouts may resume when not taking supplement


Overall Review

ClearZine is one of the top rated acne supplements and has 3.7 stars on Amazon with over 800 reviews. Most reviewers mentioned that their skin significantly cleared up after about two weeks. However, many of them found that results only occurred when taking 4-6 pills per day. For some, this amount of pills caused their skin to dry up and had side effects like nose bleeds or overly dry skin in non-problem areas. ClearZine is worth a try for the price point, 90 pills for less than $40, and if nothing else, it is a vitamin that will provide your body with essential nutrients.

How to Pick Your Supplement

When deciding which supplement to go with, there are several things you want to consider. The first is the ingredient list. Go for a supplement that’s all-natural, made with healthy vitamins and minerals, no artificial ingredients or fillers, and allergen-free. A big contributor to any form of acne is what goes into your body. By eliminating harmful ingredients, you will have a much better chance of seeing great results. You’ll also want to consider the cost. If a bottle has an affordable price tag but requires that you take several pills per day, you’ll end up going through a bottle quickly and those costs can add up. In the end, finding a supplement that alleviates the issue right at the source of the problem will be your best bet for long term results.