Top Spot Treatments for Cystic Acne

Author:  Julia Thompson    

Acne breakouts are the worst. However, if you have cystic acne then your breakouts are constant, painful, and extreme. Even if you are being treated by a dermatologist, or found acne treatment that controls your acne, you must have an effective spot treatment handy to deal with an unexpected breakout. Instead of getting stressed or even depressed, take a look at our list of top spot treatments for acne that have worked for other acne sufferers. You should already have a cleansing regimen to keep acne at a minimum, but for the inevitable breakouts you should be ready with a spot treatment. Below are our list of top spot treatments for acne that are based on product literature and Amazon reviews.

Best Spot Treatments for Acne

1. Treeactive *Editor’s Choice

  • Natural, calming ingredients
  • Non-GMO, vegan, cruelty and paraben free
  • Money back guarantee
  • Buy 3 get one free
  • Product dries up easily


Amazon Reviews

Treeactive is a fast acting spot treatment that clears up spots and prevents new breakouts. Some reviewers were lucky enough to see results after one use, most however saw the biggest change after 2 weeks or so. With its natural ingredients and the fact that it’s a non-gmo product, you can feel safe applying this to your skin. There weren’t many reviews regarding noticeable side effects, however several users noted that the product dries up quickly even if the bottle is sealed.

2.Differin Gel

  • FDA approved
  • Dermatologist developed
  • Winner of Allure and Glamour Beauty awards
  • Can cause dry, red rashes (prevalent)
  • Purging lasts a couple months (prevalent)


Amazon Reviews

Differin Gel is a product that takes patience. It works by causing an initial purge, pushing out all the bad toxins from your skin. This does cause rashes that for some isn’t worth it. After the initial purge, which can last a month or so, most reviewers saw that their acne began to clear. Users offered helpful tips to keep dry rashes to a minimum – don’t apply immediately after washing your face and apply a moisturizer before using the treatment. When used properly and with patience, current acne should clear up and new breakouts should be prevented.

3.Keeva Organics

  • Under $20
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Antibacterial
  • Heals at the source
  • Fake copycats exist
  • Can cause initial purge


Amazon Reviews

Keeva Organics is a good smelling product that leaves a tingly, cooling sensation on your skin. Most users saw results within a few weeks and noticed that the duration of their breakouts was much shorter. Some reviewers did notice the initial purge where their skin got worse before it got better. Others actually saw their acne clear up within one day of use. Several users noticed they were scammed and bought a copycat with the same name but with a different formula that caused negative side effects. Make sure to purchase directly from Amazon or the website to ensure you get the original product.


  • Under $20
  • Plant-based and fragrance free
  • 1 year money back guarantee
  • Moisturizing
  • Makes skin more oily (Rare)
  • Strong tea tree oil smell


Amazon Reviews

BPT3 works as a moisturizer that also reduces redness and eliminates acne. For those that have suffered from using acne treatments that dried out their skin, BPT3 is a great alternative. However, reviewers that have naturally oily skin found that this moisturizer just made their skin more oily. Most negative reviews were from users who found that the product had no effect on their skin, but very few saw extreme side effects.


  • Under $20
  • Paraben, sulfate, and gluten free
  • Cruelty free
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Itchy, red hives side effect


Amazon Reviews

Drmtlgy is a liquid gel that absorbs quickly into the skin. When used properly as a spot treatment and in combination with a normal skincare routine (cleansing and moisturizing), most reviewers found that their zits cleared up in half the time they normally would. Some even found that their spots cleared up overnight. Everyone’s skin is different so there were many users who experienced the negative side effect of itchy, red hives and even what seemed to be chemical burns. Most likely they were due to allergic reactions to some of the ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, so double check the ingredients list to ensure you aren’t allergic to them.

Choosing a Spot Treatment

When it comes to choosing the right spot treatment, you’ll want to do your research. Diligently read the ingredient list to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction and to confirm there aren’t any harmful ingredients, such as parabens or sulfates. If you can find a product that has all natural ingredients, even better. Keep in mind that spot treatments are meant to clear up individual spots, not acne as a whole. If you suffer from severe acne, your first step is to heal it at the source using supplements and cleansers. Check out our list of top cystic acne supplements for help on choosing a supplement that will heal your acne. Once you’ve gotten your cystic acne to a manageable level, it’s time to use your spot treatment on the occasional zit or zits that pop up.

Proper Skin Care

Now that you’ve chosen the spot treatment that makes the most sense for you, it’s time to determine a daily skin regimen. Spot treatments will only clear up zits that pop up, but you want to prevent them from coming in the first place. Take a hard look at your diet and toss out anything that is known to contribute to acne – sugar, processed foods, carbs, and greasy junk food. Cleaning out your gut is a proven way to help heal acne. Increase your water consumption. By chugging more water each day, you’ll be able to cleanse out any toxins in your system while keeping your skin hydrated. And of course you need to clean and moisturize your skin daily. Sloughing off the dead skin and makeup that builds up and clogs your pores is essential to clearing up your acne. Ideally, you should only see occasional breakouts moving forward, but the good news is you’ll have your handy spot treatment to take care of it!

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