Causes of Treatment Failure

Cystic acne is a difficult kind of acne to treat, with many patients experiencing treatment failure, even after trying several treatment options. Since cystic acne pimples are usually located in the deeper part of the skin, most of the time, conventional acne treatments are not effective. In many cases of severe cystic acne, the treatment requires a high degree of self-care and the services of a certified dermatologist or a doctor.
In most cases, treatment needs to be a multifaceted approach since people often suffer from non-inflammatory acne and cystic acne at the same time. Treatment with antibiotics alone often leads to treatment failure because bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. People with cystic acne need to follow their treatment regimen to ensure it works properly. Overuse of acne products can also lead to treatment failure because they dry out the skin and lead to even more irritation.